Future Self — at Made, 28.04.2012

Briefing: Guestmanagement Premiere Event, Invite 100 extraordinary creative minds

„Future Self – The Next ‘Made‘ Project. Anything can happen when Random International, Wayne McGregors and Max Richter clash at Made.“

„Future Self“  is an interdisciplinary artistic synthesis created by Random International, Wayne McGregor and Max Richter premiering in Berlin on April 28, 2012 at MADE. „Future Self“ studies human movement, additive interaction and what these may reveal about identity, today and in the years to come.

The installation mirrors movement in light, creating a three dimensional, ‚living‘ sculpture from the composite gestures of those who surround it. FUTURE SELF aims to test the boundaries of both artists‘ research and practice, pushing them out of their respective comfort zones and into a new realm of creativity.

Performers and audience members are bound together, in the moment, as an illuminated presence — another version of themselves.

Wayne McGregor
Resident Choreographer of The Royal Ballet

Max Richter



Fotografie: Nils Krüger